Hey Everyone! I’m Rachelle.

The short version: I’m a busy mom of 4 and I’m sharing my tricks to have maximum amount style with a minimum amount of effort and budget!

My husband and I have four little kids and I stay at home with them. I’m a poet and writer. I’m a natural-born-researcher, always looking for tricks to make my life easier.

Many years ago I was a food blogger at Fashionably Foodie, so I also love to cook. I turned vegetarian about 18 months ago and I am really interested in natural health and nutrition. I’m the most high-maintenance hippie you will know, haha!

I started working out consistently about a year ago and I’m loving what fitness has done for my health.

I’ve been interested in fashion and style since I was a child, and grew up surrounded by a fashionable mom and grandmothers. I remember as a child and teenager my mom would ask for my advice on what shoes to wear with her outfit, or my preferences in her outfits. I don’t know if she actually thought my opinion had value or if she was building my confidence in my personal style, but she did me a favor either way. I think my confidence in taking risks in fashion has always been my strength. As a high schooler I experimented with lots of trends and took lots of fashion risks and earned a reputation for my sense of style. I’ve heard lots of women in my life tell me “I can’t wear red lipstick or hats…etc etc etc” but I’ve never bought into those limitations. I think anyone can pull off anything they want to!
Now I live in the country with no nearby shopping, and I’ve had to figure out how to stay current and chic in a very limited amount of time. I love finding the best ways to do things and “hacking” everything- how to keep my nails painted, how to not overbuy clothes for my kids, how to organize, staying motivated to say yes to my kids, what to put on the table for dinner, and these are the kinds of ideas and secrets I want to share here.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time because I have a natural affinity to share new information with my friends. I’m the girlfriend who is telling all her friends what I’ve finally figured out or the latest greatest product they’ve got to try. I’ve always been able to see trends as they are bubbling to the surface and I’d like to interpret the fashion landscape for people who are uninterested in navigating it themselves- because I’ve been there myself. I’ve been through times in my life when style was the last thing I wanted to think about. I recall just wishing there was someone to tell me what to wear and why. I felt like everywhere I looked style was inaccessible and unrealistic, and now I can see there needs to be a simple alternative to that!

I am naturally creative but prone to not pushing myself. When I am blogging I feel more accountability to push myself creatively. I need this accountability to keep working towards my goal of refining my ideas for publishing my book. I see blogging as a catalyst to push me to that result.

I’m a real mom trying to simplify and streamline my life, and sharing what works for me and my family. I’m starting with some fashion posts, because that is what my friends usually come to me with questions about. For now I’m hacking the ‘mom uniform’ and breaking down how to keep current and chic in your everyday life. I plan on updating seasonally with trends I can see on the horizon. I’m not going to be a blogger that posts outfits you can’t wear to carpool or that you need to blow the college funds on. My blog might even be too simple for you! I want the maximum amount of style with the minimum amount of effort. I’m also a makeup and beauty junkie and love to learn new tricks and techniques. I think moms deserve to feel confident in their look, and I’m happy to share what I know.

It may seem counterintuitive for a blogger, but I consider myself a minimalist. I like to have beautiful things but I don’t want to be an over consumer. I want everything in my home to spark joy and have a place where it belongs. I’m a big KonMari (The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up book) fan.

Above all, I am a passionate mom. I try to teach my kids core values and stay motivated to give them the very best childhood possible. I try to take care of myself so I can give them the best of me. Parenthood is overwhelming and difficult and exhausting, yet also amazing and breathtaking and heart exploding. It’s my very favorite part of my life!

Hope to see you around.

xo, Rachelle

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