How to wear: Denim with Denim

Denim with Denim, aka Denim Tuxedo, aka Canadian Tuxedo.


This simple trick will give you confidence to wear this look- because denim is so much more than jeans these days.  We have denim jackets, skirts, chambray shirts and overalls.  You can wear two pieces of denim with this easy rule:

The trick to wearing denim with denim is to pair two different colors of denim.

You can wear very similar shades, but they must be different.


You can really personalize this look by choosing denim that fits your style- no matter if you prefer crisp dark denims, frayed and vintage, medium and classic- comfy and casual or structured and dressy, you can work this look.


The fashion brave are wearing a three-piece denim dressing trend, via Topshop:

They advise choosing boxy shapes, cropped jeans, frayed hems and denim accessories.


I find it is a really easy outfit to wear a chambray shirt and jeans, and I wear it often.  I really love the look of frayed cutoffs and a denim shirt with lace-up sandals for summer.

Do you wear a denim tuxedo, or are you ready to try it?




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