Less is More, and the Great Closet Cleanout. Make your closet your own boutique!



Have you considered the idea that the problem is you have too many clothes in your closet?

Most of us wear 20% of our clothes, 80% of the time.  We forget what items we even have in our closets.  We have closets overstuffed with things and still feel overwhelmed when trying to decide what to wear.  I think the problem is our closets are overstuffed with clothes that don’t fit our core style, and just aren’t favorites.  Often we ‘settle’ on a purchase because we think we need it for an event, or maybe just to buy something- to fill something inside us we haven’t defined.  We may settle on buying something that we don’t love because we “need” jeans, or more tops, etc.  It’s time to stop settling!


Honestly we just don’t need so much.  Would you be satisfied with having 14 everyday outfits, 5 going-out outfits, and 5 church/event outfits?  I would!  Most things at the most would get worn twice per month.  Twice!  Not including mixing and matching combinations.  Not including days you spend in workout clothes.  And yet most of us have triple or much more than this amount.

The key to having a wardrobe you love, is having clothes you love!  You may be overwhelmed with the idea of having a dream wardrobe because you are imagining it will take you tons of shopping to get you there.  You may feel like you’re thousands of dollars away from closet joy.  This is simply not true!  Cleaning up your closet and using what you have, you will be there in no time.  You just need to make sure that everything you keep is something you truly love, and clear the rest of the distractions away.


Clean out your closet!  Remove everything you can- the unworn, unloved, ill-fitting, off season.  You can store them somewhere you can get them later if you mistakenly trash something you regret.  Here are some great helps!

CLOSET DETOX CHEAT SHEET: I love this site about wardrobing!  This is a great worksheet to get you through a closet cleanout.

HOW TO FINALLY CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET FOR GOOD: From the original capsule wardrobe movement initiator, Courtney Carver.  She narrows her wardrobe down to only 33 items at a time!

9 SIMPLE TIPS TO THIN OUT YOUR CLOSET: Another favorite blogger of mine, Joshua Becker.  He’s a minimalist blogger.  I always love his perspective and advice!


Now you can create a space for your things that gives them room to breathe, to be highlighted, to be appreciated.  If you treat your clothes with care and respect, you will feel much more grace towards them, and they will make you look your best!  This seems really cheesy to explain, but I offer a $20 blouse from Forever 21 the same respect and care in my closet and laundry that I treat a silk designer blouse.  I treat all my clothes with love- kind of like the way you treat things when you’re browsing an expensive store, touching them softly and admiring them.  My clothes have room to hang and there isn’t too much around them.  I get uncomfortable if my closet starts getting too full.  I hang and fold everything carefully and give them love and they return that to me.

Here are some fun closet boutique makeover ideas:

How to turn your closet into a boutique.

Made by Girl’s NYC Closet! 

7 Steps to your Own Kylie Jenner Inspired Glam Room (extensive renos, inspo only haha)

In my closet I’ve used clear containers to make little vertical displays of my hats and belts.   I have my sunglasses out of cases, displayed in a drawer.   As a visual person I need to be able to SEE everything I have.  Paring down my closet and organizing it attractively has helped me use everything so much better, and make much better outfits. I used a cute black and white striped wrapping paper to line the bottoms of my drawers. (Just like the photo above!)  Everything I have stored from undies to tee shirts looks so much better with this little detail underneath.    I have a fun zebra rug on the floor and all matching wooden hangers.  My handbags sit on a display shelf ready to be used.  My closet gives me a little shot of joy as I get dressed for the day, and helps me appreciate what I have.  The energy in my closet is now bright and happy and fulfilled, instead of overstuffed and sad and wanting, like it used to be.  Try cleaning up the energy in your closet too!  You will feel a difference.








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